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5 Year Warranty

Prime Resurfacing Pty Ltd bathroom and kitchen, will warrant the completed works against loss of adhesion due to workmanship issues for the period of 5 years from date indicated on the inv given. Benchtops have a 3 year warranty. In the events of a claim, We will determine the extent of the repair required and advise you of timing in relation to resolving the issue. This is a limited warranty and is subject to the following conditions and exclusions:


1. The surface must not be used or exposed to water until after the cure period indicated which is generally 24 hrs

2. You must when possible, provide immediate notification of accidental damage or any other defect

3. The warranty is not transferable.


1. Physical damage such as chips and scratches caused by falling objects, tools, toys, shower screen installation or adjustment, or other mistreatment, whether or not accidental.

2. Staining caused by chemicals, dyes, skin oils or hair treatments and dripping taps.

3. Bubbling or cracking due to water pooling in various positions or water trapped continuously under jars and bottles, bath mats, face cloths, wet towels, soap slurry, etc.

4. Rust from concealed, inaccessible positions beneath the drain waste or other fixtures.

5. Mould/Mildew and general yellowing of silicon, damages from rising damp in leaky shower base, cracking caused by structural movement.

6. Loss of adhesion caused by any of the above.

7. We do not warranty soap dishes

Care Instructions

1. Dry the new surface as often as possible after use to prevent water pooling

2. Use only spray type cleaners (eg: spray n wipe etc) for normal cleaning and always rinse well before drying.

3. Abrasive cleaners in powder or cream form must not be used as they will wear down the surface over time

4. Abrasive cloths such as scourers must not be used for the above reason