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Why Should I resurface my bathroom or kitchen?

If your bathroom / kitchen is looking tired, dated, or you just don’t like the colour anymore; resurfacing could be the answer to your problem.

Are you getting your property ready to sell? Do you need to refresh the look of your rooms for a fraction of the cost of replacing them? Again, resurfacing can solve that for you.

We have been resurfacing bathrooms and kitchens for 15 years , and we have seen pretty much every scenario when it comes to what can and can not be resurfaced.

Our professional team can come and give you a free quote and advice and our highly experienced technicians can transform your rooms. In your bathroom, we can spray almost anything, including fibre glass, pressed steel or cast iron bath tubs; even if your bath feels like sandpaper from years of scouring abuse, we can resurface it. Wall tiles can be refreshed; broken grout replaced, old drill holes and cracked tiles can be repaired as part of the preparation for resurfacing.

In your kitchen, we can transform it all, from doors and drawers, to splash-backs and benchtops. There are a wide range of colours to choose from. We can repair damaged doors and fill old handle holes if required. You will be amazed at the transformations that are possible with resurfacing.

Prime Resurfacing has appeared on Season 3 – 9 on ‘Selling Houses Australia’ in various episodes, under the banner of ‘Resurfacing Australia’. We also worked on Season 2 of ‘House Rules’, transforming a kitchen and a bathroom.